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Pitamak production

MEET the  most  powerful spot in the soul of ..

Here  we  do not only  do the  product  that  you  have  taste  already  but....


Pita with  any  ..

do  your  idea  a  live  food  paint and  enjoy

With  souvlaki  ideas, with  your salad...

“There is nothing better than a friend, unless it is a friend with greek  pita product.” 

Salvadore Bali

The pita Products

our  proposal  for  your  diet..

When  we  say  Creek  way  of  living  is  the  ....


Contact Me

2 kl. from Gazi Heraklion to Krousonas Heraklion Crete Greece    or

+30 2810 821613         +30 6945542032        FAX :+30 2810824473

please  right  to  us  your massage  here..

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